Cobalt's team is full of wonderful casters that everyone should definitely check out! Awesome new team on Twitch where you can watch all sorts of quality content streams and various events.
Check the team out on and their website
Cobalts normally starts streaming at 5:00 pm CST, 6:00 pm EST, 3:00 pm PST and ends at 11 pm CST after about 6 hours of casting... EVERYDAY! Lately Cobalt triest to start 2 hours earlier on weekends (friday through sunday)
Use these 33 amazing emotes:
cobaltMrCool cobaltRainbroMe cobaltLoKor
cobaltOhgasm cobaltCarried cobaltRIP
cobaltBeef cobaltLurkor cobaltChester
cobaltBoS cobaltKraken cobaltKrampus
cobaltSqueezy cobaltLovekor cobaltBot
cobaltRNG cobaltEve cobaltK
cobaltS cobaltVV cobaltBum
cobaltL cobaltW cobaltR
cobaltSoul cobaltEd cobaltGood
cobaltGT cobaltTeam cobaltWiz
cobaltPAX cobaltJuicy cobaltFite
Post (Appropriate) links in chat without having to ask permission from mods, and gives you a spot in viewer League games or if Cobalt does any other multiplayer games in the future! It also includes the old subscription program so you will no longer get break ads or pre-rolls while watching the channel either!
Lokor is the unholy fusion between Loki from the Binding of Isaac and Falcor (the luck dragon) from The Neverending Story. It started out as a joke and is now Cobalt's mascot!
For a complete list of items and what they do visit here:
  1. Don't be a Jerk! (This one is pretty obvious, but whether you're being a jerk or not is determined at the discretion of Cobalt and moderators)
  2. Ask to post a link (If you're not a sub.)
  3. Do not ask to be a mod.
  4. Don't advertise without permission. This includes talking about channels that are currently live, or mentioning your own without permission!
  5. No racism, extremely sexual humor, or homophobia.
  6. Be respectful of everyone.
  7. Do not discuss bans or timeouts. There is a reason that someone was banned or timed out. We want to get whatever it was out of chat! We don't want to prolong negative conversations. If you have a problem with your timeout/ban, or think it was done unjustly then feel free to contact me on Twitch! I'm very reasonable. :)
  8. No political / Religious talk please. This is a gaming community. Let's keep it that way!
  9. Take it easy on the CAPS! Nightbot will time you out if you are too loud.
  10. Please respect my game of choice. This means don't beg or ask me to play something else. I play what I want, when I want to make sure I'm in the best attitude!
  11. NO BACKSEATING... unless it's been specifically said it's allowed. This is a big one! I get the question all the time why it's such a big deal. Backseating is basically someone looking over your shoulder trying to tell you how to play the whole time. If I wanted that I could just watch someone myself! It takes away a lot of the sense of self satisfaction that you get from beating something using your own brain and not the help from others. Some games I will allow backseating, but for the most part I'd love to limit it in chat when I can!